Access to Justice is an ad hoc body set up to coordinate action to protect access to justice for people injured through no fault of their own. It is not a formal membership organisation and participation is open to organisations, representative bodies, law firms and other businesses that support injured people. This includes support groups and charities, consumer organisations with a particular interest in legal services, solicitors’ firms and barristers, claims management companies, after the event insurers, trade unions and other membership organisations, and representative bodies.

Whilst some of our supporters prefer not to be identified, a list of our participants who are happy to be named include:


Access to justice has been a cornerstone of our way of life, but not for much longer, if the Government gets its way. It needs to be restated time and again that there is no compensation culture, only a media and public perception this is the case. Every one of the many studies looking at this has revealed the overall number of cases is stable or falling and found no such phenomenon actually exists. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Government base their case for reducing the rights of injured people on a non-existent “compensation culture”, allowing policy to be developed from tabloid hysteria and the wish list of the insurance industry rather than hard evidence.

Our Campaign

Our current campaign is to persuade the Government to think again, and withdraw or change its plans to make it almost impossible for those who suffer soft tissue injuries in road accidents (such as whiplash) to obtain recompense for their pain, suffering and financial losses. You can find out more details of this campaign and how you can help.